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Friedman, Roger (CDC/CGH/DGHA) (CTR) Friedman, Roger (CDC/CGH/DGHA) (CTR)
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1.10 Roadmap

In about two weeks we will be having a meeting about the features to be included in 1.10.


In the spirit of getting more from OpenMRS "out of the box" and in keeping with the addition of Mark and Kiran (welcome), I would propose that the new technical features in 1.10 be linked with the implementation of a use case for them.  For example, link the revisions in Order to the realization of a radiology module; link the changes in Drugs to an oncology module; link the incorporation of events to a feature to allow real-time tracking of queues for services or a "where's the patient" feature; link a role- or location-based security system to an HIV or psychiatry module.


There are still many capabilities that people requested at last year's implementers' meeting, particularly for hospital systems, that don't yet exist and which could be given a kick start by some core capabilities.  Now is the time to bring them to the group's attention.

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