Changes to My Involvement with OpenMRS

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Changes to My Involvement with OpenMRS


I wanted to let you know about some upcoming changes with my role in the OpenMRS community. As most of you know, I've served as a full-time employee for the Regenstrief Institute working as an OpenMRS project coordinator for the last two years. Starting 25 May, I'll be reducing my involvement to that of an unpaid volunteer position.

During the past several months, I worked alongside many of you to keep OpenMRS innovating and doing lots of great work. I've been involved with helping coordinate development sprints, weekly forums, conference planning, etc. As my involvement reduces, several other volunteers in the community will be stepping up to get more involved. 

I'd like to introduce you to a few people that you will see more in the mailing lists and forums:
  • Kiran Reddy: Full-time volunteer paid by Merck who will work with implementers and developers to identify requirements and create a backlog of workable items for the OpenMRS community
  • Chris Power: Part-time volunteer paid by Regenstrief who will work alongside the developers to coordinate and manage the development sprints
  • Jamie Thomas: Part-time volunteer paid by Regenstrief who will work with the leadership to organize topics for the weekly developers forum and also help with the final tasks for the annual Implementers Meeting 
As some of you may know, my academic background has been in global/public health. I am excited to say that I'll be moving to Rwanda to explore new opportunities to get further involved there in the field. Perhaps I will be fortunate enough to see a few of you there. :)

I've thoroughly enjoyed my time in the OpenMRS global family. Some of you I've only met through email, and some of you I have had the honor of meeting in person. Most importantly, I'm happy to know many of you as good friends. I appreciate your support and efforts over the last few years, and I'm looking forward to staying involved with the OpenMRS community as much as I can in the time to come. I'll still have this email address, so please feel free to keep in touch! I will do the same. :)

Much love,


PS. Sorry for cross-posting, but I wanted to make sure to reach both developers and implementers.

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