FW: [OPENMRS-IMPLEMENTERS] Important announcement regarding metadatasharing

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FW: [OPENMRS-IMPLEMENTERS] Important announcement regarding metadatasharing


To follow up on this, it appears that the 1.x line of the metasharing module disables *all* Hibernate interceptors.  So, in versions of Openmrs 1.7.x and above, this will also disable auditing (i.e, “date_changed” does not get updated when a record is changed).


This could be particularly deadly since auditing provides a means to recover from sync stoppage.  


I think we have isolated the cause of the error, so a fix will most likely be out soon, but I wanted people to be aware of this.


Take care,





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Subject: [OPENMRS-IMPLEMENTERS] Important announcement regarding metadatasharing and sync


Hi all,

Today we discovered a suspected serious incompatibility between the 1.x line of the metadatasharing module and the sync module.  This is currently being investigated.  We recommend that until further notice that these modules not be installed concurrently.  For anyone currently running both of these modules, we ask that you please check your systems and assess whether or not sync is operating as expected for you.  If you find a problem, please reply to this thread and let us know.  We will do our best to assist you.  If you are not having problems, this would be useful for us to know as well, and would appreciate you letting us know what version of OpenMRS and modules you are currently running, so we can further isolate this problem.

@Erick Mugoma and @Jim Grace - I suspect that this is the same problem that you raised in this thread recently, can you confirm?


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