Next week's sprint: Events and Atom Feed

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Next week's sprint: Events and Atom Feed

Hi All,

After several weeks with parallel development threads going on, we're going to be pulling all our development resources together for the next two weeks to work on a pair of interrelated projects.

1. An Event Module, which will let developers do things when OpenMRS data is created, updated, or deleted, in a much more intuitive way than using AOP.

2. An Atom Feed Module, which leverages the Event Module and REST Web Services modules to publish an atom feed of all changes to OpenMRS data.

The immediate driver for these modules is a project in Ethiopia, where MoTeCH and other systems want to be able to use OpenMRS as a shared patient data repository. But they'll have broader utility as well: for example we'll look at building a more flexible version of the Sync module that would use atom feeds and web services.

Ben Wolfe will be leading the sprint, and we'd love your participation!

If you want to participate, add your name to the wiki page and claim a ticket. Or at any time you can join the #openmrs IRC channel anytime and say "bwolfe I want to work on the sprint."


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