[OPENMRS-CI] JUnit > 1.6.x > #130 has FAILED (1 times).

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[OPENMRS-CI] JUnit > 1.6.x > #130 has FAILED (1 times).

JUnit > 1.6.x > #130 has failed 1 time.
Code has been updated by Daniel Kayiwa.
1/1226 tests failed.

This plan has been failing since JUNIT-16X-130 (Updated by Daniel Kayiwa, < 1 second before).

Failing Jobs
Default Job (Default Stage) Duration: 3 minutes Tests: 1 of 1226 failed Logs | Artifacts

Code Changes See full change details
Daniel Kayiwa
Changing concept names with the ui doesn't save - TRUNK-3149

JIRA Issues See full issue details
TRUNK-3149 (Related)
Changing concept names with the ui doesn't save

Tests See full test details
New Test Failures (1)
ConceptTest : Get name should return exact name locale match given exact equals true (Default Job)

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