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OpenMRS Development Sprints from 16-22 April

Moving this to the dev list....

Hi Everyone, we have several tasks going on in the development sprints this week, so if you are currently participating or want to participate, let's coordinate this.

Daily Scrum Meeting:

Each day we will meet on IRC to share updates of what each person is working on during the development sprints. For ways to make the sprint process efficient, please review this page.
  • Scrum Times 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 14:00-14:30 UTC / 10:00am-10:30am EDT
Thursday: 19:00-19:30 UTC / 15:00-15:30 UTC (this occurs later in the day due to OpenMRS meetings on Thursday)
  • Where We Meet
The daily scrum occurs IRC on the #openmrs channel on freenode

  • Scrum Format - Use this format when providing your updates on IRC:
* started/worked on/finished/etc TICKET-123 (short description of ticket, or ticket summary)
* ...

* ...

* list any blockers you may be experiencing or indicate that you have no blockers at this time


These are the tasks occurring this week (16 April - 22 April)
Anyone can participate! We currently have Darius Jazayeri, Rafal Korytkowski, Roger Friedman, Saptarshi Purkayastha, Spencer Kathol, Jeremy Keiper, Mykola Vorobey, and Suranga Kasthurirathne working on this sprint. If you would like to join the sprint, sign up on the wiki page.

  • Atom Feed and Event Queue
Ben Wolfe is the only developer who will work on this

  • Order Entry Preparation
Wyclif Luyima is working with Burke Mamlin on preparing for order entry and will present the initial proposal on the Wednesday design call

  • Bug Fixing
This is a rotating process where a different developer will work on fixing bugs that are voted on by the community. Daniel Kayiwa will work on bug fixes this week

I hope this clarifies the development processes going on in OpenMRS this week. If you have any questions, let us know!

Looking forward to working with you!


On Sat, Apr 14, 2012 at 3:41 PM, Darius Jazayeri <[hidden email]> wrote:
Since the META-218 bug should really be investigated by Rafal, I'm going to make things slightly more complicated.

@Rafal, spend the first half of Monday investigating META-218, before starting on the RESTWS sprint. Some suggestions for things to explore, but you probably know where to look better than I do:
  • see if the bug can be reproduced in 1.8.x with sync-1.x
  • what's the exact mechanism by which MDS clobbers the sync hibernate interceptor?
  • can the general issue be reproduced in a unit test, i.e. loading the MDS omod clobbers a hibernate interceptor?
  • if you do a custom build which forces MDS to load either before, or after, sync, does this fix the problem?

@Daniel, so we don't lose manpower on the sprint, you should spend the first half of Monday working on RESTWS, before starting the bugfixing swim lane. I would recommend doing RESTWS-180, particularly addressing Roger's comments from 2012-01-24 13:57:19 EST and 2012-01-24 16:07:04 EST:
  • Try not to fail if there aren't any instances of the resource in the table. (Maybe do clazz.newInstance()?)
  • Document the @WSDoc on the wiki
  • Change the output to be clearer:
    • about parameters within the url, e.g. instead of "uuid" it should be {uuid} or <uuid> or <i>uuid</i>
    • about query parameters, e.g. Instead of "GET /ws/rest/v1/cohort?q", say "...?q=<STRING>" (maybe with a way to indicate what q is supposed to be)
    • Instead of "...?!purge" and "...?purge", show something like "...?purge=true" and "...<br/><i>no purge parameter</i>", 
  • Go through and add @WSDoc to anything that is missing it
  • Figure out why Ben has a bunch of "asdf" and "@putDocumentation if you use put you're a fool" in EncounterResource, and fix this.

@Rafal, @Daniel, basically do as much research/work as you can on the first half of Monday, and then report back during the scrum, and we'll decide how to proceed from there. But expect to switch back to your originally scheduled work plans on the second half of Monday.


On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 6:37 PM, Darius Jazayeri <[hidden email]> wrote:
June is not so far off. :-)

So, Wyclif, Burke, Mike, if you can come up with a proposal for the Order Entry approach that satisfies everyone, it sounds like PIH should be able to contribute developer time to making it happen fast. I think it should be feasible to get agreement on an API, and start developing it iteratively, and assume that PIH will do its own UI (which may or may not turn out to be what we want to include in the "core" Order Entry module, if we include any UI at all).


On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 6:27 PM, Michael Seaton <[hidden email]> wrote:
Thanks Darius,

Few quick clarifications:

* Mark did some investigation into TRUNK-3149 today, figured out what the issue was I believe, but then got distracted by the sync issue.  He is planning to update the ticket this weekend with his findings - I don't know myself what he found yet, but I would not close that ticket until he weighs in

* You are right that PIH is interested in Order Entry in the short term, to support Oncology regimens in Rwanda (Radiology in Haiti is also on the radar, but not as urgently).  Lara has a hard deadline to roll out a revised Regimen tab for the patient dashboard and revised Standard Regimen capabilities / administration pages that can support existing Order Entry and also all of the complex Order Entry needs for Oncology (relatively complex standard regimen templates (eg. order sets), cyclical regimens, etc).  This needs to be delivered for her June release which includes the other major deliverables of 1.9 upgrade and CHW / Provider Dashboard.  To the degree that what we do supports / is supported by broader OpenMRS Order Entry improvements I will be very happy.


On 04/13/2012 09:10 PM, Darius Jazayeri wrote:
Hi All,

Next week is going to be a test of our team's ability to multitask, without getting distracted. :-)

Ben is going to spend two weeks doing a spike on the "Atom Feed & Event Queue" project. He will be reporting on this during the dev call at the end of his sprint. But it would be great to get feedback along the way. (Burke wants to know what the project actually is, and I'd love to know how it's progressing.)

Daniel is in the "Bug Fixing swim lane". His responsibilities are to:
1. Fix as many priority bugs as he can, in core, bundled modules, and strategic modules
2. Assess bugs that get reported during the week, reproducing them if feasible.
3. Send an email to the dev + implements lists on Friday, listing the tickets fixed, and highlighting how many people (or who) voted on them. (The purpose is to push people to vote on tickets more by showing them it has an impact.)
The JIRA query I suggested to Wyclif was as follows. (@Wyclif, if you have an improved version, let us know!):
project in ("OpenMRS Trunk", "OpenMRS Standalone", "Release Testing Helper", "Module Maven Archetype", "HTML Form Entry Module", "Reporting Module", "HTML Widgets", "Reporting Compatability Module", "Serialization XStream", "XForms Module", "Patient Flags Module", "Form Entry Module", "Metadata Sharing Module")  and issuetype = Bug AND resolution = Unresolved and status not in ("In Progress", "Design", "Code Review (Initial)", "Code Review (Post-Commit)", "Code Review (Pre-Commit)") and key != TRUNK-1 ORDER BY votes DESC, priority DESC

I suggest that you communicate with Ellen about TRUNK-3149, which Wyclif looked at, but couldn't reproduce.

Wyclif is working with Burke to propose an iterative approach for Order Entry that can be done in a module, but will eventually be pulled into core, like we're doing with Calculation. He will be presenting an initial proposal on the Wednesday design call, and reworking it as a result of people's comments. The ultimate deliverables are:
* a design proposal
* the outlines of 2+ sprints (i.e. at least "sprint 1" and "future work")
* review what's in the order-entry branch, and determine what can be reused
(We don't expect all of this to be complete by the end of the week.)

Mike Seaton expressed that PIH has Order Entry needs in the short term (for radiology in Haiti, I think). He was planning to email something out soon, but I assume that was derailed by the Haiti+Sync+MDS issue. Anyway, Wyclif, you should ping him on Monday and see if he has time to contribute his thoughts.

Rafal and Darius will be working on the "Get RESTWS 1.0 out" sprint, along with Roger, Saptarshi, and Spencer Kathol. It's a one-week sprint, and the goal is to release version 1.0 of the module by the end of it. Wish us luck! (Rafal, you should start on available tickets; I'll start by reviewing the many tickets in the needs-review state.)

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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