Patient Matching Module - requirements to be implemented

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Patient Matching Module - requirements to be implemented


(Apologies for cross posting.) I'm Pulasthi Mahawithana (IRC nick name : pulasthi7), a third year computer science and engineering undergraduate at University of Moratuwa. I'll be working on the Patient Matching module of OpenMRS. Suranga Kasthurirathne will be working as my mentor for the summer and Judy Wawira is assigned as the backup mentor. During the summer I'm going to implement the following features of the OpenMRS module. 
  1. Incorporate a process to validate de-duplication strategies.
  2. Incorporate a process to calculate total number of potential pairs formed by particular blocking strategy.
  3. Upgrade the de-duplication reports from flat files to database persistence.
  4. Implement a process to analyze and highlight useful de-duplications fields
  5. Implement additional duplication features in the OpenMRS de-duplication module.
  6. Migrate previous reports from the flat file to the database
The details of the above features are available at [1].

For Now, I have worked with my mentor and prepared drafts of detailed requirements and mock UI's for the first two tasks. They were then updated based on the feedback by Dr.Shaun, James, Judy, Ada  and Suranga. The updated detailed requirements were added as a wiki page [2] under the main idea page [1]. Anyone who is interested on the project idea is welcome to give any feedback on the design.

I'll be updating my blog [3] under category 'GSoC' [4] with the progress of the project.

We welcome your comments on our design.
Thank you.

Pulasthi Mahawithana

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