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Re: [OPENMRS-JIRA] (TRUNK-3377) Should be able to define a privilege required to view or edit an encounter

Hi All,

From having talked briefly to James, and having talked at length with HISP India long ago, I think a main use case for not showing encounters to certain users on the dashboard is to support storing Blood Bank data.

My understanding is that given the way the consent forms work, if you record blood bank information about a patient, it should be absolutely invisible to non-blood bank users. E.g. showing "2 encounters hidden" would violate those terms.

Further, many users (most/all in some implementations) are not clinicians. If an implementer wants to set things up so that most of their data clerks cannot see HIV encounters, and not get a tell-tale "hidden encounters" message, I think we should support this functionality. We can add some documentation to the Edit Encounter Type page to say it's bad practice to hide encounters from clinicians. But I think we should support the actual functionality people are asking for.

 James and others, would it be okay to show "n encounters hidden" when some are suppressed? Or do you want to completely hide them?


On Sun, May 20, 2012 at 8:33 AM, Ben Wolfe (Commented) (JIRA) <[hidden email]> wrote:
Ben Wolfe commented on New Feature TRUNK-3377

The encounters tab should say "X encounters were hidden from view" (only show if any encounters were actually hidden)

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