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Re: OpenMRS as platform for national register?

Hi Knut, and thanks for bringing us into the conversation, Mark.


I think your question touches upon a number of issues. I believe that OpenMRS has a flexible framework for handling IDs, including assigning multiple IDs for each person.     I imagine there are a number of other issues about whether it is a good store for national IDs, many of which may vary country to country.  One issue might be how well different installations of OpenMRS can communicate or synchronize with each other, or other over-arching national ID systems. 


The use of mobile data collection systems can help as well—in particular, being able to give people IDs while out in the field or at temporary clinics is a big plus.  There is a piece or two of missing functionality to make this work the way we’d like to between JavaROSA and OpenMRS but I believe it will come soon. As Mark points out, it’s particularly attractive to connect immunizations, growth monitoring, and infant screening towards efforts to identify and register all people in an area.  And our systems are designed to support that.


Happy to discuss this further!


take care,




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Neal Lesh and Marc Mitchell (DTree) are working on a handheld application that can register patients and collect longitudinal individual patient information which then syncs back to OpenMRS. 

They are using the JavaROSA ( platform and are fairly well along in their development. 


The purpose of this is to facilitate registration of births and immunizations but can be expanded to other areas.




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Subject: [OPENMRS-IMPLEMENTERS] OpenMRS as platform for national register?

Hello all,


It would be good to get some feedback on the suitability or otherwise of using OpenMRS as the basis for generating a National ID register in a resource poor country where no computerized birth and death register exists.


The thinking is that through introducing OpenMRS in a number of hospitals and clinics, one could begin to register both newborns and other patients, and provide them with a national ID number, and this could then form a basis for what could eventually become a nation wide person register.


Would this be well supported with the current functionality? Or should one seek external solutions?


Thankful for any thoughts on this.






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