Re-implement BIRT Module - Requirements

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Re-implement BIRT Module - Requirements

Hi Dev,

Based on recent discussions on the requirements for the re-implementation of the BIRT module, the following set of requirements have been defined as well as a design to meet some of these requirements.

This is a summary of the proposed work on the birt module:

  • Provide the mechanism for mapping of data via a single data set or multiple data sets to a single report for presentation.
  • Allow BIRT rendering into different formats based on BIRT report designs for different options.
  • Allow publishing options.
  • Provide published pages.
  • Allow previewing report before saving to OpenMRS database.
  • Allow searching, filtering and pagination of reports within the table of all reports.
  • Reporting web services.

More information on this page: Re-implement BIRT Module Design

Looking forward to your comments.

Best regards, Michael.

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