The Roles and Privileges Sprint is Now!

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The Roles and Privileges Sprint is Now!


After a time of asking for improved access control to patient data and more, we finally have a sprint to do exactly that.

We are therefore inviting everyone to participate in the Roles and Privileges Sprint which starts today and runs for two weeks.

The JIRA dashboard for available tickets is at:

Remember that you do not have to be full time. Even if you can just have 30 minutes, it will still be very useful to the community!!!
Part of this sprint is improving documentation around roles and privileges. So you do not have to be a developer to participate. :)
You could as well simply look at the sprint tickets and comment to ensure we are on track. You could just test what developers commit, and more!
Your involvement will ensure that we are using the community resources towards what you actually need or asked for, as we all continue to put efforts in saving even more lives!!!

If you want to participate, feel free to add your name to the sprint page, and at any time you can join the #openmrs IRC channel and ask anything!!!
My IRC name is: dkayiwa

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